Video & Rich Media

Make your message stand out across the web.

Our programmatic media buying is complimented by ad servers which manage campaigns across the demand-side platforms (DSPs) we work with, along with solutions to create and manage dynamic rich media ads.

Capabilities include:

Measuring served impressions and clicks across desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app
Building HTML5 ads using a custom ad builder
Bringing your data into the platform to create relevant segments and targeting
Evaluating and automatically optimizing creative against your key performance indicators (KPIs)

Video Ads

We bring together everything you need to do video right, from video ad building to providing uninterrupted experiences on every device, to making sure your ads are landing in brand-happy places. Video marketing tasks include:

Providing a single platform where you can build, plan, track, target, buy, manage, evaluate, and optimize video advertising alongside all of your other channels
Creating amazing video ads, using authoring tools and services ranging from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Video Rising Stars to a do-it-yourself interactive video builder.
Speeding campaign go-to-market by letting our production team handle everything you need, from repurposing TV assets to encoding and trafficking.

Mobile and Rich Media

We create, measure, and optimize your advertising campaigns all while providing a smooth experience for every user, regardless of channel, device, or carrier. Our mobile and rich media solutions allow you to:

Build an engaging HTML5 ad or video ad easily
Target your best customers across devices based on your own data and a wealth of third-party data that helps ensure brand safety and reach potential customers across hundreds of content categories

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