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Effective & Turnkey TV/Video Creative Production AND Media

Television and video advertising is changing rapidly, with new platforms, ad units, and channels constantly evolving. It can get confusing with the myriad of opportunities out there, and to keep up with the way audiences watch TV today.  Cord cutters, OTT viewers (Hulu and Roku, for example), video app viewers, and more like them are still your audience, but they expect messaging to be relevant, interesting, non-invasive, and properly adapted to the channel they choose to view programming.

That’s where we come in at NuSpark Media. We’ve partnered with Philadelphia’s premier TV/video production company, Aardvark Video Works, to untangle the complicated TV world from both a message AND execution standpoint.  Aardvark Video Works is a full-service production studio offering a wide range of video services including TV commercials, web videos, animation, & more.

Great targeted media placement, coupled with great creative strategy, means more effective messaging towards your target audiences, and that means more leads, store traffic, and sales.

So, together we have developed a package that will make it easier to target your messages towards the right audiences within their viewing platforms of choice. We’re calling it, simply, a Videopack.

What you get with Videopack

Creative Development

  • Message consultation. Your content needs to be relevant and engaging for each key target audience segment
  • Pre-Production: scripting, storyboards, casting
  • Production: We’re flexible; meaning that we will use our team to produce ads, or use specialists in your own market if needed.
  • Post-Production: sophisticated editing and audio mixing
  • Animation: robust motion graphics and 3D rendering

Suite of Units Customized for all Platforms

  • 30-second (for television)
  • 15-second (for social)
  • 6-second (for YouTube)
  • In-stream (pre-roll/mid-roll display)
  • Out-stream (native and interstitial)

Media Placement

  • After a robust analysis of your target audience and buying patterns, we’ll draft a comprehensive media plan that includes any or all of the following video executions:
  1. Linear television (live TV)
  2. Advanced TV (On-demand, OTT & Connected, Addressable)
  3. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube)
  4. Online display (Programmatic and Google Display Network, targeting in-market audiences
  5. Geo-fencing, Household IP targeting, customer email match tactics (cookie/device ID targeting)
  6. Buyer intent targeting (using digital signals to pre-empt your competition, on mobile and computer platforms)


The benefits to your firm

  • You get both a creative and placement strategy, packaged to target your key audiences across the best TV and online video channels, customized by platform and target segment
  • Savings in time, resources, and budget. Our packages are robust, yet cost-efficient


If you’d like to learn more about how we can partner, build a relationship, and provide you with top-notch turnkey video advertising creative and media placement services as a one-stop shop, contact us today.




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