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Buying ads on television gets more complicated every day.  TV is still the most compelling form of advertising for branding as well as direct response and store visits.  The problem is there’s too many ways to but television advertising; with different pricing formats, unclear ratings, streaming, on-demand, OTT, linear, connected and more.

There is an easier way to do this.  As a former Media Director and now a media buying consultant, covering digital and traditional, I want to make this process easier and more efficient.

The convergence of digital and traditional TV media buying is among us, and my approach using tools and platforms to buy media is the answer.  All my buys are done on a CPM basis., programmatically.

Programmatic TV can be defined as an automated and data-driven approach to buying and delivering ads against video content on television, including ads served across the web, mobile devices, and connected TVs, as well as linear TV ads served across set-top boxes.

Here’s how it works:

Broadcast TV:

I utilize the WideOrbit Programmatic Open Marketplace to bid across many different inventory types across TV (and radio) stations. WO Programmatic addresses the challenges in traditional media buying and selling through automation, data, and system integrations.  Benefits:

WO Programmatic TV lets advertisers use the power of data-driven audience targeting and process automation to run incredibly effective campaigns on the world’s most powerful ad medium. Programmatic TV buying helps brands address fragmentation, audience targeting, and efficiency.  By integrating with the broadcast TV industry’s most widely-installed traffic software, WO Programmatic TV directly connects ad buyers with TV stations. The result is streamlined, end-to-end workflow for everyone involved in the media buying process

  • Reach over 110 million or 96% of United States households with access to premium inventory from more than 1,000 broadcast TV stations.
  • TV is the ultimate in premium video. You’ll know exactly when and where your spots ran in real-time.
  • Make offers to hundreds of stations simultaneously on a single order. Optimize campaigns as results come in.

Connected TV:

Connected TV uses an internet connection to stream content to a television. Content is available through applications, which are accessed by Smart TVs or over-the-top (OTT) devices, like Apple TV and Roku, plus DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and more.  CTV includes ads bought programmatically and shown on computer/mobile streaming, or the over-the-top (OTT) devices. CTV advertising is a form of private marketplace (PMP) deal, similar to buying display on DSP platforms.

Connected TV ads’ targeting is far more advanced than the targeting available with traditional TV. You can use many of the same targeting tactics you currently use to run programmatic ads now—data, geolocation, etc. Metrics are usually view-through conversions, video completion rate and cost-per-view.

The ad platforms I use typically have low or no minimal spends, so I can buy at scale based on budget.  Again, it’s programmatic media, targeting audiences most likely to pay attention to your message, at low CPM rates.

Reach the fast growing audience of cord-cutters, cord-nevers and those migrating away from broadcast and cable.
Available in all DMAs. Benefits include:

  • Unmatched scalability of audience targeting
  • Non-skippable, immersive content format
  • Reach a unique group of video consumers that advertisers can’t target with traditional TV commercials
  • Serve video ads pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll within streamed content on the big screen and other connected devices
  • Seamless way to access and buy premium OTT/CTV inventory on the same ad platforms as display, mobile, video, and native campaigns

Cable TV/Addressable TV:

Using cable TV partners, I offer a couple of programs:

Subscriber targeting: Every internet subscriber has two addresses: a modem IP address and a household billing address. I match the two, which allows me to target only the people you want to reach. Imagine targeting your message to specific groups of viewers at the household level with more precision and effectiveness than ever before.

My provider leverages exclusive 1st party IP subscriber data to build custom online audiences by matching cable subscribers to custom client lists or audience and industry-level data sources. The platform connects you with your target audience on any device they use to visit thousands of relevant and brand-safe websites. The benefit is we target specific demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments in contextually relevant environments across the web.

Additional opportunities include:

Set Top Box Video On-Demand

  • TV Everywhere (TVE) allows subscribers to easily watch cable programming, live and on demand, across devices by logging into a cable network app or directly through their cable provider (Xfinity Stream, Spectrum App.)
  • Over the Top (OTT) services like DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, Playstation Vue, fubo TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV allow NCC GO to reach even MORE consumers watching premium cable video content across these paid and free services. This is an incredibly valuable opportunity to reach new audiences

Hulu Advertising

Hulu is a video streaming service that offers premium video content from television shows to feature-length movies. For a small monthly fee, users gain access to everything on Hulu and can stream as much and as often as they want.  Hulu offers TV shows and movies through a wide range of partnerships with various studios including MGM, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Television and others. As a joint venture of NBC Universal, Fox Entertainment, and ABC Inc., Hulu has the backing that allows it to go beyond many other video streaming websites and puts it right at the top in competition with Netflix.

The are multipe methods to advertise on Hulu. Targeting options incude:

  • Interest & behavior
  • Demographics
  • Geographic down to the zip-code leve;
  • Look-alike based on your CRM data, or 3rd party data segments

I’ll put together some placement options utilizing the above targeting options as well as ad unit formats, of which Hulu offers many to choose from.

How much?

Cutting to the chase, I would buy your TV advertising across all video channels available: broadcast, cable, connected, OTT, and of course, online, all on a CPM basis.   TV advertising more effective, more targeted, and more efficient.  My pricing is dependent on budget but rest assured very affordable.  No media mark-ups either.  That’s right. No commission.  Pure flat rates for planning, negotiating, buying, managing, reporting. The only extra fees are platform serving costs; and we’ll cover that as part of the plan.

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