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Need a Boost with your Digital or Traditional Media Planning and Buying? Or Just Looking for a New Direction?

Welcome to NuSpark Media. Our comprehensive media planning & buying expertise combined with detailed analytics will help achieve the results you need across digital and traditional media channels. Advertising is changing rapidly, with new platforms, ad units, and channels constantly evolving. It can get confusing with the myriad of opportunities out there, and to keep up with the way audiences comsume messages via their channels of choice.

Whether your goals are branding, direct response, lead generation, or sales (in-store or online), we’ll help you improve your media ROI. How do we do it? It’s a matter of experience, knowledge and passion. Founder Paul Mosenson has been buying B2B and B2C media for over three decades. Because of his know-how, analytical thinking and negotiating skills, you’ll get top-notch results.

As a seasoned Media Strategy consultant and Virtual Media Director/Planner/Buyer, rest assured that your media dollars will be spent wisely.  We are unbiased with our channel selection approach, and know how to get the best deal for the budget consistently.

Keep in mind, we are results-driven, and focus on being innovative, but also effective with our media planning approaches. We also understand the power of messaging, and how to fit those messages via each targeted channel, traditional or digital.  Nothing is cookie-cutter here at NuSpark Media.

So, we are offering you an opportunity to try our comprehensive media planning and buying services at flat rates, purely based on time-management. Where most agencies charge mark-ups on media costs, we don’t at NuSpark Media. We believe that charging for management time only encourages the best thinking, unbiased, which in turn contributes to higher ROI for you and your firm.

All of our plan components include strategic planning, campaign set-up, link tagging for Google Analytics, price negotiation, added-value, and ongoing optimization for best performance.

Here’s an overview of our packages (which can be customized once we speak):













Gold Package: Combine both digital and traditional silver packages for $2,500 per month!

Package Notes

  • The first month of each package begins with a comprehensive analysis of your business and revenue goals, your target audiences, and your media history. From this evaluation we will begin developing your robust media plan that will include branding and response/click components
  • Campaigns will be continually optimized for performance, tweaked along the way, re-negotiated; whatever it takes to ensure positive results and ROI
  • Additional costs include the cost of media, and any software/server fees required to manage the business effectively.
  • NuSpark Media works with ad agencies and creative teams to reassure that messaging, ad units, and media programs align. For example, a media plan may consist of the following:
    • Online Display: 7-8 different ad units, interstitials for apps, native ad units, various image units for social platforms
    • Video Advertising: 30-second unit, 15-second for social, Snapchat video unit, 6-second unit, In-stream video (pre-roll), out-stream video unit (for native and interstitial)
  • Packages are limited-time offers and may not be applicable to all industries or categories.


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