At the beginning of an engagement, NuSpark Media founder Paul Mosenson will take a deep dive into your business goals, audience targets, channels requested and more.  By carefully studying this information, we plant the seeds to build a comprehensive and robust media strategy designed to reach your audiences efficiently whether your plan elements cover traditional or digital media channels.

For examples of our initial assessment forms, feel free to download them here:

Business to-consumer Template

Business-to-business Template


Media Planning & Buying

Advertising media selection is the process of choosing the most cost-effective media for advertising to achieve the required coverage and number of exposures in a target audience.  Our plans generally consist of 4 parts:

Statement of objectives.  A recap of goals, targets, timeline, seasonality, and measurement approaches
Evaluating Media. Utilizing research, primary or secondary, as well as potential creative assets, to put together a list of channel options most appropriate to reach your target audience effectively and efficiently.
Selection and Implementation.  A detailed line item list of channels, units, audience projections (ratings or impressions for example), added-value, costs, deadlines, timing, scheduling, and how channel will be measured.
Setting the Media Budget.

More about our media planning process.


Executing a Plan

We have several methods to execute your strategic media plan depending on budget and needs. Our media buying process can scale, and is flexible on approach.  Examples of approaches:

For many buys, NuSpark Media Founder Paul Mosenson will execute himself, and you can read about the media buying process here.
We also employ a team of media buying freelancers, all very experienced, and managed by Paul Mosenson, acting as the Virtual Media Director
Managed Services Platforms. Many of our platforms, for programmatic, video, and social media, included managed services, meaning that these platforms will have technologists that manage performance on a daily basis, and overseen by Paul Mosenson.
Normally we will work with your creative team to design and implement the assets. However we do have alliances that design online advertising as well as radio, TV, and video copywriting and production.


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