Media Planning & Strategy that Drives Results

There are hundreds of media options out there to pick from, and new ones are sprouting up all the time. So, the ways customers find and educate themselves about your business are constantly evolving.

This rapidly changing media landscape raises some questions:

  • Which media channels help you gain new customers?
  • Which channels best align with your brand?
  • How should you manage your media budget?
  • What mix of traditional and digital media best fits your business the best?
  • On which channels do your potential customers spend the most time?
  • What media-targeting options are available to connect with your audience?

You need a strategic plan that answers these questions and more.  Let us help you to determine the optimal media mix to make your media dollars work on overdrive.

How it Works

Because we’re media-channel agnostic, we start with a clean slate, choosing the media vehicles that are most likely to grab the eyes and ears of your target audience.

Your media plan will include:

  • A thorough target audience assessment — primary and secondary research that digs into your ideal prospects’ wants, needs and media consumption habits
  • A determination of the right media spending level to reach your audience most efficiently
  • A media mix that is the perfect blend for your business and target audience, covering both traditional and digital media, and including search engine marketing and social media
  • An evaluation of past media tactics and how to optimize them in the future
  • Combining branding and direct response mediums to generate leads and increase sales
  • A time-tested and proven results-oriented process to customize media plans to meet your objectives:
  • Identify campaign goals and objectives
  • Establish a framework for measurement
  • Define target audiences of buyers and influencers
  • Review and evaluate media options for cost and effectiveness
  • Build a media plan that includes detailed flow charts, costs, delivery numbers and added-value

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