Media Buying

Our buying approach starts with a media strategy customized to produce results.

You’ll be able to:

Meet Your Goals

Our founder, Paul Mosenson, who has three decades of experience in media buying, is equally knowledgeable with local, regional and national clients. His diverse industry experience makes him a natural partner for you no matter your business model or goals.

Lower Your Costs

Because Paul is a tenacious negotiator, working exhaustively to achieve the lowest rates possible and creating positive media relationships, you’ll get more for your money.

How it Works — the Big Picture

When you partner with us, we’ll follow this proven process for broadcast media:

Choose strategic media vehicles to accomplish your goals
Analyze demo information with ratings data to select appropriate stations, programs, and print vehicles
Monitor your budget like an eagle to make sure we’re on pace to meet your goals

Negotiate promotions and added-value as part of a long-term schedule

Our digital media buying process utilizes several methods, including:

Direct placements — we negotiate costs with content owners and premium publishers
Programmatic buying to target the large online audiences that match your criteria. Our programmatic platforms cover thousands of data points via our data partners to ensure precise targeting of specific audience segments
Google Display Network which allows a combination of audience, contextual, and behavioral targeting; utilizing both computer and mobile placements

What You’ll Love

For digital display buying, our programmatic and retargeting platforms are ideal for all business sizes, as some of the platforms we use have no minimal spends like many large-scale DSPs require. With each media strategy, we track the performance of campaigns and consistently optimize to shift dollars to where they are most effective. We use Google Analytics in conjunction with Google Tag Manager to track performance and report on results on an as-needed basis. Learn more about our analytics approach.

Paul’s diverse industry experience with clients that market locally, regionally and nationally, makes him a natural partner with you no matter your business model or goals. He is a tenacious negotiator, working exhaustively for the lowest rates possible and creating positive relationships with the media for value added opportunities.

Using sophisticated software and a wide range of media research sources, the NuSpark team can develop highly targeted media plans and digital lead generation programs.

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