The Essential Guide to Advanced TV and
Digital Video Media Strategy

Overwhelmed by all those new ways to buy television spots and video advertising?

Advanced TV is the umbrella that covers newer ways to reach TV audiences with more specific targeting opportunities, whether that be across screens, across devices, on the web, or on your app, all overlaid with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data.  Yes, linear TV has limitations and is still the most viewed model, but advanced TV brings so much more targetability, measurability, and message relevance.

And, if you target adults 18-34, Advanced TV tactics are necessary within your media plan. Cord-cutters are growing, and you need to reach them too.


Download The Essential Guide to Advanced TV and Digital Video Media Strategy and take a visual journey through advanced TV, digital video, and social video opportunities, and learn about new tactics that can grow your business.

You’ll get:

The latest data and trends on today’s TV/Video viewer
Brief overviews on how programmatic TV, Addressable TV, Connected TV, OTT, On-Demand, and TV Everywhere models work, and the benefits of each
A recap on today’s linear TV buying process, and the targeting options cable provides
A review and comparison of digital video opportunities, such as pre-roll and in-banner buys, with a mobile video emphasis
A summary of video placement tactics on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat

The eBook combines our own insights with insights from the major advanced TV platforms and data companies. Together you will feel more comfortable on the tactics and benefits as you page through this comprehensive eBook.

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