Banner Ad Design Services

Having an effective media plan is one thing. Having effective creative is another.


An ideal, targeted media placement strategy won’t work as well if the design of the advertising is sub-par.  That’s why at NuSpark Media we use top-notch graphic designers trained on the latest ad technology to provide you with robust banner ads that drive results.

Certainly, we do basic static ads and animated GIFs, but we specialize in HTML5; the latest standard and IAB compliant. Our team can design and develop standard HTML5 banner ads and DoubleClick Studio rich media banners.  Designers at NuSpark are certified in Double Click Studio.  If digital creative ads are needed to accompany your online media program, these will be quoted as needed

What is HTML5

HTML5 is the new standard for animated and interactive creative on the web. Rich Media HTML 5 Banner Ads can contain a combination of images and/or videos that aim to encourage a prospect to engage and click the ad. HTML5 banners incorporate a high level of creativity and thus can create more impact with the end user.

Benefits of Using Google’s Authoring Tools

Studio is a tool to make creative development more efficient. It offers much flexibility when it comes to building creatives and managing creative assets.  A few benefits:

The DoubleClick Studio HTML5 Enabler and Google Web Designer simplify HTML5 authoring for dynamic campaigns.
Mobile modules make it easy to create mobile rich media ads that are mobile-responsive.
Allows us to build in-page, in-stream and in-app video ads all in one place.

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