B2B Media & Demand Generation

Lead Generation Overview

Our parent firm NuSpark Marketing manages the entire demand generation process, including persona research, content marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation management. NuSpark Media focuses on driving leads into your funnel via media strategies that target your specific industry and job title targets across several methods. The goal of a successful demand generation strategy is to engage your target buyer, capture leads and nurture them until they are sales-ready.

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Below are some of the tactics we use to fill your pipeline:


You can use display campaigns to attract bottom-funnel leads using calls-to-actions for free trials, demos, or quotes. Alternatively, you can employ them to deliver thought leadership content to prospects when they’re searching for it and generate top-funnel leads. We can help you with media research, strategy, negotiation, placement, tracking, and reporting.

Execution examples include:

Contextual advertising within targeted websites and keywords (i.e. advertise on pages that only mention “cloud“ in content)
Ads within targeted industry newsletters
Reaching prospects who are in the market looking for your products or solutions

Publisher Direct Programs

As strong negotiators, we can offer you a comprehensive program with a publishing group or online trade journal.  Whether your goal is lead generation or branding, we’ll customize a solution for you that may include:

Email “e-blast” marketing utilizing a publication’s targeted list we can filter for minimal waste
Webinar and content sponsorships
Lead generation cost-per-lead programs using a white paper or eBook that a publisher promotes within their channels
Bottom-funnel lead-alert programs using publishers who track content people read and download, and then survey individuals to gauge their interest in your product
Print advertising: Yes, we look at media kits, circulation statements, editorial calendars and more to choose the right vehicles for your message

Account-Based Marketing

B2B marketing is challenging for several reasons. B2B buying decisions take time. You need to educate buyers about your solutions. A sole prospect typically does not make the decision. While lower-level associates do the research, they generally need buy-in from other stakeholders. Account-based marketing gives you the opportunity to target top accounts through digital and traditional marketing channels. You can target titles and roles within target companies, your database or specific IP addresses. Account-based marketing ad platforms can focus on your key accounts or can target businesses based on predictive analytics. Ad platforms we use are Terminus, Big Willow, Madison Logic, and Kwanzoo.

Content Syndication

We work with a multitude of platforms that push content out to publisher partners to drive ideal content leads that we then nurture. Our content syndication platforms reach thousands of qualified technology and business professionals who buy and influence purchases. All we need is two to three long-form content assets, such as e-books or webinars, and we’ll negotiate with publishers and syndicators to manage audience filters, so you get the best cost-per-lead. As well as specific publishers, those we work with to promote content include Netline, eMedia, Smartbrief, IDG Enterprise, Quinstreet, Tech Target and many more.

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