Analytics & Measurement

Analysis is essential for a successful media plan.

It’s also one of our passions. We provide actionable reports and analytics to review past campaigns and optimize future ones.  Through them, we make sure that every dollar you spend delivers the most readers, listeners, viewers, clicks and conversions.

Below are some measurement capabilities you can tap into:

Traditional Media Measurement

Measure offline media with Google Analytics by using website redirects from vanity URLs to website URLs
Include unique phone numbers within direct mail and traditional channels to monitor offline sources that generate calls. We use CallRail for robust call tracking
Comprehensive post-buy reporting

Digital Media Measurement

Create custom performance reports showing buyer intent activity such as web form submissions, downloads, sign-ups, purchases, website calls, as well as revenue by media source and campaign. Conversion reporting is critical to ensure campaigns are optimized
For B2B, track inquiries, marketing qualified leads, and sales closing rates
For e-commerce, track the purchase funnel: cart abandonment, orders and revenue
Provide custom reporting dashboards for display, mobile, video, search and social
Attribution modeling and reporting: Assisted conversions, view-through conversions, Facebook pixel conversion management, retargeting effectiveness and more
Conduct A/B split tests and utilize Google Optimize and other tools
Ongoing creative, media, and landing page optimization and recommendations


Analytics Approach

Founder Paul Mosenson, an analytics expert, has authored articles and books on analytics, including Tracking Lead Generation with Google Analytics. He is also skilled in tracking website events and setting up advertising tracking with Google Tag Manager.  Additionally, our media buying software includes robust post-buy analysis modules so that we can review your traditional media delivery and negotiate makegoods (compensation for errors by the media outlet).

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