Improving your sales performance requires data to help you understand the trends governing your typical buyer’s journey from awareness to conversion. Marketing attribution enables marketers to assign credit for conversions to the touch points from where they came, including devices, channels and content.

With this information at hand, it’s possible to identify which marketing efforts are successful and which ones should be discontinued. You can then attribute values to the methods delivering the best conversions, regardless of whether ‘best’ refers to the highest number or the highest value, and factor this information into your media planning.

With this knowledge, it’s possible to target the buyer at every stage with exactly the right information

Why Attribution is Essential

Attribution is necessary to help you understand the process a buyer goes through on the journey from awareness to conversion. With this knowledge, it’s possible to target the buyer at every stage with exactly the right information, and to minimize the risk of losing prospects as they move through the sales funnel. Analytics are the foundation of all attribution models, but gathering data that informs your media planning effectively is challenging when prospects use multiple devices to access your services.

The Importance of Cross Device Attribution

The average internet user owns three connected devices, according to Pew Internet Research Center. Most have at least one computer, often two (a desktop and a laptop), or even three (add an office computer to the mix) as well as a smartphone and, quite possibly, a tablet. That’s a total of five or more devices on which they can potentially access your services. Certain industries convert more on one type of device, while many who begin their journey on a mobile device complete it on a PC. Tablet and smartphone users are typically looking at retail sites, for example, while health care services get most of their conversions on PCs in the evenings.

Measuring and Monitoring Across Devices

Monitoring attribution across devices enables marketers to track buyer activity and assign credit accurately to sources for the purpose of future media planning, but it’s challenging to implement. Setting up the tracking requires you to:

  • Establish a framework for campaign measurement,
  • Define your audience carefully
  • Build a media plan that targets not only your personas but targets them across their devices.

You’ll also need a Google analytics account with the User-ID feature enabled, and to shift from automated campaign bidding to adjusting your bids manually. With the search engine’s device-level bidding options that were reinstated in 2016, you can now focus on devices you know offer the best conversion record.

Cross-device attribution makes it possible to collect accurate data, even when users switch between devices.

Making Media Planning a Breeze

Cross-device attribution makes it possible to collect accurate data, even when users switch between devices. This enables you to develop a laser-focused media planning strategy that ensures when a buyer moves to the device on which they are most likely to make a purchase, your marketing content is front and center. Developing attribution models that encompass primary and assisting devices and device paths make it possible to measure more than just where the buyer’s final click came from and determine which points in the buying cycle had the most impact on the prospect. Leveraging the data helps your marketers develop better ads and optimize them for multi-device conversions, as well as accommodate common user behaviors such as buyers who research on mobile and then purchase on PC. Cross-device attribution provides valuable understanding into your buyer’s circumstances, and offers the chance to influence their thought processes through a targeted approach–whatever device they happen to be on at the time.

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