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Programmatic Ad Buying

By 2020, much of display media spending will be programmatic, enabling organizations to reach the right consumer more effectively through real-time bidding and targeting techniques.

Programmatic ad buying uses technology to increase efficiency over manual processes. It includes • banner advertisingonline videonative advertisingiAds (Apple app advertising) • mobile and • rich media formats.

With Programmatic ad buying we can optimize your media buying process with software platforms that…

eliminate waste

improve targeting

and put your ads in front of the right audience whether they are on desktop computers, mobile devices or tablets.

Also, we will measure your campaign and optimize audience segments on last-click conversions, assisted conversions and view-through conversions.

Some of our programmatic platform partners do not require minimum spends. Therefore, we can buy at scale for clients of all sizes.

Besides programmatic ad buying, we will plan and negotiate online placements directly with publishers, or through ad networks such as Google’s.

Paul is a go to type person. He thrives on working on your team and providing you the best scenarios for your organization. In addition to his media buying expertise, he advised us on up and coming trends. His expertise helped us manage the power of the Internet to increase our responses.

Sarah Willoughby

Executive Director, Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitor Center

Here’s a cross-section of online display opportunities we plan and buy:

Programmatic display: Utilizing Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) who partner with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to match audience segments with websites they visit. We design an exceptional media strategy for you, optimizing delivery with the right frequency and performance algorithms.
Online Video Advertising: YouTube, pre-roll, and other video opportunities, especially on mobile web and in-app placements
In-app Advertising: Tactics to generate app installations as well as app engagement
Geo-fencing: Targeting mobile phones within particular geographic areas
Native Advertising: Sponsored content placements within targeted websites
Household IP Targeting: Serving ads to uploaded addresses within target geographic regions
Lead Aggregators: For direct response advertisers, lead generation campaigns from sites that offer multiple choice results based on user input
Publisher Direct: Making cost-efficient deals when negotiating with online websites and portals; placements include banners, e-newsletter sponsorships, and mobile-only ad units and interstitials
Retargeting: Using Google and other retargeting platforms to reach prospects who have shown an interest and drive incremental conversions

Favorite Platforms

IP Targeting
Native Advertising

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